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Customize Play list

There is over 16,000 TV Channels and more than 20,000 VODs and Series in IPTVPark Play list. You may like to remove unwanted Categories to use line better. Also some devices/apps (like VLC Media Player) may can’t play large size playlists.

By removing unwanted Categories your playlist size will be smaller and your app/device will play line better.

  • Some apps like VLC Media Player can’t handle large size playlist, so by removing unwanted categories and reduce playlist size it will work perfectly.
You can use following form to request customize (Remove / Add) categories:

    TV Channels:
    Select the channels you want to be enable:

    Your playlist also includes these categories. If there be a TV channel related to this categories it will be shown in related one. It means when you select UK for your playlist, all UK sport channels also will be shown in Best of Sports category.

    • Best of Documentary
    • Best of Entertainment
    • Best of Kids
    • Best of Music
    • Best of Sports

    Select the VODs you want to be enable:
    Select the Series you want to be enable: