Setup IPTV on Smart IPTV app

SIPTV (SmartIPTV) is a pre-installed app on Smart TVs like Samsung Smart TV & LG Smart TV. It can easily be used to watch IPTV service. SIPTV offers its service but you can use iptvpark service and you need M3U IPTV URL to watch channels on your smart TV via Smart IPTV app.

  • Devices: Smart TV (Samsung, LG, …)
  • Operating systems: Android, iOS, Tizen
  • Download: Pre-installed on TV, Google play store, Apple store
  • Format: M3U
Tutorial Video:
How to setup M3U URL on Smart IPTV app

Here is a tutorial video. It’s so easy and also you can read following instruction to learn how to setup IPTV channel list on Smart IPTV on your Smart TV:

1. Open Smart IPTV app on your Smart TV. It usually is pre-installed on your TV but you can install that manually. Based on your Smart TV OS (Android, iOS, Tizen).

2. Open SMART IPTV app on your TV. Find and write down your Mac Address.

3. On your computer go to siptv mylist page. This address:

4. Enter your mac address in “Delete playlist(s)” field.

5. And press “Delete” button.

6. Enter your Mac Address.

7. Enter your M3U URL.

8. Check “save online”.

9. Tick captcha.

10. Press “Send”.

Tips for Smart IPTV (siptv) app
  • If your TV supports both wifi and RJ45 Port (cable) to connect Internet, so there is two different Mac Address. So take care which connection you have set your IPTV serice.
  • Some of New Tizen OS TVs (Samsung) don’t have Smart IPTV pre-installed and also it’s not available in store. You can manually install Smart IPTV app on your Tizen Smart TV. Follow this steps:
    1. Download the siptv zip file for Tizen:
      • Click here to download from official website. *contact us if link has problem.
    2. Extract the zip file and copy “Userwidget” file to the root of your USB drive.
    3. Insert USB drive to the driver slot on your TV.
    4. Open USB and click on the app to install on your Smart TV.
    5. Then you can access Smart IPTV app among your other installed aps.
      • You may need to format your USB Drive as “MS-Dos (FAT)” to TV recognize the app.
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