Setup IPTV on Smart STB for Smart TV

Smart STB is an android app that you can use to watch IPTV on Smart TV. Although this app has it’s own IPTV service but you can use other IPTV providers’s service on that. It may be pre-installed on your Smart TV, but if it’s not available you can install that manually. Smart STB act like a mag device and you should subscribe for MAG service to watch IPTV on this app.

  • Devices: Smart TV (Samsung, LG, …)
  • Operating systems: Android
  • Download: Pre-installed on TV, Google play store, Your TV app market
  • Format: MAG
Tutorial Video:
Setup IPTV (MAG) on Smart STB for Smart TV

Watch this video and learn how to setup IPTV service on Smart STB (for Smart TV). To use IPTV service on your TV using Smart STB (or Smart STB Pro) you should subscribed for a MAG service.

Tips for Smart STB

This app may not work correctly on some TVs. We recommend to use an other apps on your Smart TV. For example Smart IPTV & IPTV Smarters app.

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