How to add IPTV channel list to VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of the best and easy to use IPTV players that is perfect for your computer or laptop. You need M3U IPTV URL to watch channels on VLC Media Player. This app is free and you can install that on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

  • Devices: Home Computer, PC, Laptop
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux
  • Download:
  • Format: M3U
Tutorial Video:
How to add IPTV channel list to VLC Media Player

Here is a tutorial video. Also you can read following instruction to learn how to setup IPTV channel list on VLC Media Player:

1. Download VLC Media Player according to your computer’s OS. (Windows, Linux or MAC OS)

    • Simply click here and download it from it’s official website for free.

2. Open VLC Media Player and click on “Media”.

3. Click on the “Open network stream” or simply press ctrl+N

4. Enter IPTV M3U URL and press “enter” or click “Play”.

5. By pressing ctrl+l you can see play list and search among list.

Tips for VLC Media Player
  • You can easily edit a M3U file.
    • Copy M3U URL on address bar of your web browser and download the file.
    • Open M3U file with a text editor (note pad, Microsoft word, …)
    • You can see channel list, edit, erase and save that.
  • If your VLC Media Player doesn’t show all channels but they are available in your list, you can remove unwanted channels by editing M3U file.
  • You can also download M3U file and simply drag and drop on VLC Media Player. The list will start to play automatically.
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